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Satellite Broadband from 900SAT – Fair Use Policy (FUP) – Data Allowances and Speed Restrictions

Our 900SAT service aims to provide you with the best performance that the network can deliver within your chosen data allowance.

The Fair Use Policy (FUP) system is a network management tool to monitor and administer network resources to ensure all our customers get a good service

It uses specific algorithms to identify disproportionate use (e.g very high volume consumption) of the Satellite Broadband Network’s resources. Such disproportionate use is gradually restricted by the Fair Use Policy, and a higher priority is assigned to end users with lower volume consumption.

Notably, the Broadband Fair Use Policy does NOT limit the total download and upload volume per customer terminal or end user.

As with all broadband services, the Broadband Network’s capacity, which connects end users to the internet, is a shared medium. Therefore, in order to maintain the best possible Quality of Service, it is necessary that a Fair Use Policy is maintained, especially during peak usage hours. Peak usage hours in a broadband network are typically defined by a very high usage of network resources.

The Broadband Fair Use Policy ensures that – during these peak hours – the service cannot be used disproportionately by only a few “heavy” users.

The consumed volume (MB) per end user (download and upload) will be re-set every 4 weeks.

Existing customers have the option to add a Volume Booster at the price of £10.00 per GB.

FUP Reset option - for new Customers

It is important for customers to note that the customer has the option to reset (refill) their data allowance to their standard monthly allowance for the payment of a one off fee.

This means that once you select a tariff, if in one particular month you need to download or upload more data than your standard allowance, you can do so at full broadband speeds for a small extra charge.

Please note that FUP resets expire if unused at the end of the calendar month.

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